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New designs/ Craigslist

Been responding to some craigslist adds, not much interest. Maybe "Unique" isn't hip, even for free.


Messed around with superfish today, not much to show for it.


WHIZZYWIG and IE Spell are working fine. Now I better check permissions.

Looks like the blog

Module is the easiest one so far. Pretty simple, RSS feed works. Going to try to add WYSIWYG functionality and Spell Check

I meant

using the "post new blog entry" link

Post new blog

using the post new link
If you want "spell check" functionality and are running Internet Explorer, (IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8) download and install this add-on:
First time you run it do it on a little piece of test text, you will get a warning something like "do you want to allow active X ..." Go ahead and allow for all websites. (the test text disappeared when I did it, so don't start on something you spent half an hour typing!)

Site Blog

Set up the blog module, giving it a test

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